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How do we position an acquisition?

ITaaS Concept Testing

Is the whole greater than the sum of the parts?

The client, an enterprise technology company, wanted to understand if breaking their desktop ITaaS solution into components would increase the adoption rate.

Methodology: 90 Minute Remote Triads with potential customers; 2 In-Depth Telephone Interviews with current customers


Results: The client streamlined their offering to overcome deployment hurdles and clarified messaging to better communicate the service.

Collaboration Tool Message Testing

How do we communicate a value proposition?

The client, an enterprise solution provider, wanted to test updated messaging with target audiences.

Methodology: 3-Day Online Discussion Board with consumer, business and educational segments.


Results: The client learned which phrases and value propositions most resonate with their customers. They also gained a deeper understanding of current collaboration tool uses and challenges.

M&A Due Diligence

The client, a large FinTech company, was in the final stage of acquiring a specialized technology provider. They wanted to understand challenges and opportunities the targeted company's customers face when implementing their solution.

Methodology: In-Depth Telephone Interviews with C-Level executives


Results: The client was able to mitigate the challenges faced by the customers and position their acquisition as a favorable alliance.

How do we position an acquisition?

noun_online education_2003856.png
Educational Journey Mapping

How do developers think about education?

The client, a public cloud provider, wanted to understand how developers and solution architects continue building their cloud skills.

Methodology: In-Person Focus Groups with current customers.


Results: The client gained a better understanding of exactly what educational program messaging and content most appeals to their target audience.

noun_smart logistics_3191208.png
Logistics App Usability Testing

Does this app work the way we expect?

The client, a large logistics provider, was testing an internally developed truck scheduling and delivery application. They wanted to learn whether the features worked as intended and if they were missing any key components.

Methodology: In-Person and Remote UX Testing with truck drivers and dispatchers.


Results: The client implemented additional features and functionality based on the testing results.

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